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Client testimonials for Orange County California personal injury and wrongful death lawyersSince 1986, we’ve worked extremely hard to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients.

Feedback from clients and even other lawyers truly means the world to us.  Several client testimonials are below.

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Ray Sanford Rotary Orange County Lawyer Testimonial“Mitch and Lisa are true professionals. They explained all aspects of the case clearly and completely. As the case progressed, they kept me up-to-date not only on progress, but also strategy; explaining why as well as what. At all times their focus was on my best welfare.”

— Ray Sanford [Rotary District 5320 District Governor 2016-2017] | Sanford Web Systems


“I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa Wilson on two separate occasions. Lisa and her staff provided an excellent level of service. I was kept informed of everything that was happening with my case. Lisa outlined from the very beginning what my options were. The outcome on both cases were better than I anticipated. Initially, I had some reservations about hiring an attorney to handle my case but in the end I was very glad that I made the decision to do so and that I hired Lisa Wilson!

— Mary Chamley


“Jackson & Wilson came highly recommended to us from a Superior Court Judge who is a good friend of ours. We were pleased with both the high level of professionalism and the constant concern for our best interest. We were always kept well informed of the status of our case. We feel highly confident in referring Jackson & Wilson to others.”

— Mr. Chris B (Local contractor and Laguna Niguel family man)

“Lisa Wilson provided us with excellent legal service. Going into a lawsuit I didn’t know what to expect. Lisa answered all my questions and was always available to speak to me. She kept me informed and did exactly what she said she would do. I am very happy with the service she provided.”

— Jacqueline Solovy 949-458-8312

Testimonial about Orange County Attorney“Words cannot express how tremendously grateful I am to Mr. Jackson for his sincere compassion and legal assistance during one of the most challenging times in my life.

While coming highly-recommended to me by two honorable California judges, Mr. Jackson’s level of expertise and professionalism surpassed even my greatest expectations. Aside from his obvious skill and remarkable success rate, Mr. Jackson is genuinely committed to his clients.

Regardless of the time or the importance of my matter, every phone call and email was promptly and personally returned. With each circumstance that arose, Mr. Jackson gave practical advice and supplied necessary information to allow me to make my own informed decisions. He guided me through the long and daunting legal process, yet never lost his patience despite my frequent and overwhelming inquiries. He provided a support system and served as a mentor, exceeding the scope of what lawyers today are expected to do.

Simply put, lawyers like Mr. Jackson are truly and exceptionally rare. Though it goes without saying, I would never hesitate to use or refer his outstanding services in the future. Thank you Mr. Jackson.”

-Jacqueline (Yorba Linda, CA)


Abner Rogers and Mitch JacksonMr. Rogers is one of the top soccer coaches in the world. He was hit and injured by a drunk driver. We were asked to help him with his case and we did.

“My first meeting with Mr. Jackson shortly after my car accident was very refreshing. Mr. Jackson was genuinely concerned how I was doing and has a gift of being able to put people at ease. He was interested in my soccer career and during our conversation, I got to know about him and a little about his family.

Mr. Jackson’s record of tried cases is quite unbelievable. I knew immediately that I was in good hands and after our meeting left reassured. I would highly recommend Mr. Jackson to any family members, friends and my very large soccer family.”

— Abner Rogers


“Lisa was extremely professional and answered all of our questions and addressed all of our concerns. Whenever we called, she either took our call or returned our messages promptly with an update. She went above and beyond to make sure we received a fair settlement. We would definitely recommend and use her in the future.”

— John and Shelly F.

Testimonial Orange County LawyerWe enjoy helping people with their legal questions and needs. We’re glad we brought a small amount of value to Amanda!

“I met Mitch through an online social media forum where he was sharing some advice with his audience. I knew Mitch would be the go-to person for some legal questions that I had regarding my new business endeavor. He not only helped me with all of the questions I had for the business, but also pointed me to another lawyer who could help me with a legal question that was out of his field of expertise. I walked away knowing exactly what to do next. Thank you, Mitch, for the great help & insight!”
Amanda Lacy


Thank you to Mitch Jackson and Lisa Wilson of Jackson and Wilson“Mitchell, Lisa and Kristy,

Thank you all so much for all of your hardwork and dedication. I am so glad I found such a helpful and caring group of people to help me get through this. I am so pleased with the results and if it wasn’t for all of you I would’t be where I am today. Thank you again and keep up the great work!”

— Jessica and Kelsi (click here to see the card)

Dasha Burns“I first met Jon Mitchell “Mitch” Jackson on, a video content-based social networking site. I was hosting a web show that dealt with current events and politics. Mr. Jackson became a regular viewer, and was kind and gracious enough to contribute his expert opinion on subjects pertaining to law and legislative affairs. There were countless times when I went to Mr. Jackson for assistance when I did not fully understand the nuances or implications of a new kind of legislation or court ruling. His advice was invaluable. Most of all, he was always incredibly approachable and willing to help. As a college student, I had previously felt intimidated by lawyers and found myself reticent to approach those in the legal profession. Yet, since first connecting with Mr. Jackson on Spreecast, he has become a go-to source for advice and guidance. He has also become a fantastic mentor. Mr. Jackson’s welcoming demeanor and enthusiasm for helping others makes him a fantastic resource for anyone seeking legal assistance and advice. I would sincerely recommend him to any and all of my peers, and anyone seeking legal advice.”

–- Dasha Burns


Bradbury and truck
“Over the years Mitch Jackson has been invaluable as legal counsel to me on a personal basis, as well as guiding me with his legal expertise in my business matters for WJ Bradbury Insurance Services Inc. Mitch and his staff answered all my important questions, kept me apprised of new developments, and worked quickly, to resolve my areas of concern. Mitch develops a plan of action, and then implements that plan as promised. Mitch and his firm will continue to be my go to legal counsel for myself and my business, now and into the future. I would highly recommend Jackson & Wilson to anyone needing legal counsel.”

— WJ Bradbury.


State Farm Agent- Ted BowersoxMitch Jackson and I have been fellow Rotarians for many years. His credentials and integrity are of the highest standards one would desire. In fact, just the other day I had a personal injury liability case that needed a local attorney and I did not hesitate to refer Mitch for representation.

Feel free to contact me any time at

Best regards,  Ted Bowersox/ Insurance Agent, 36 years

[Note- Ted’s an excellent and very well respected insurance agent and we feel the same way about Ted and his services. If you need insurance coverage, we highly recommend Ted and his team of experts!]

Britt Testimonial“Mitch Jackson is a lifesaver. At a time when I was recovering from a head-on collision, with bills piling up and daily physical pain, negotiating with insurance companies on my own was too stressful to handle. Jackson & Wilson took care of everything. I was able to focus on healing while they worked to get thousands in bills paid for and a significant settlement for my case as painlessly as possible.

Injury lawyers often get a bad rap, and I admit I was skeptical when a friend first advised me to seek legal help for the accident. But I reached out to Mitch with a simple inquiry and he responded with more information, guidance, and support than I could have imagined.

Well after I was retained, Mitch was patient when I had questions, and always provided his professional opinion on what my next move should be, making the whole process surprisingly straightforward. He is honest, transparent, accessible via social media, and brilliant at what he does. There is a reason Mitch was named California Lawyer of the Year. I couldn’t be more pleased with his work, and thanks to him, at the end of what was the most traumatic event of my adult life, I am able to breathe a huge sigh of relief. Thank you, Mitch!”  

— Britt M.


ricardos place with family inside 200“Our family owned business was the victim of what we believed to be a frivolous lawsuit. Because we are fellow Rotarians and friends with Mitch and Lisa, we came to their firm, Jackson and Wilson, Inc., for help.

Within a day or two of retaining Jackson and Wilson, Mr. Jackson called to advise us that he had found 17 other almost identical lawsuits filed against other local businesses by the same plaintiff and same lawyer within the past four months. He raised concerns about the true motive of the lawsuits and suggested we were the victims of a frivolous “shakedown” case. Rather than pay what the plaintiff was asking, Jackson and Wilson defended our company and shortly thereafter got the lawsuit completely dismissed for nuisance value and to our complete satisfaction.

What we truly appreciate is that Jackson and Wilson provided a very personal service and treated us like family. They told us what they were going to do and then did just that. They acted quickly and because of their research, care, and effort, the case was resolved in a speedy fashion.”

Ricardo’s Place | Local South Orange County Business and Community Leaders


Christine Brant“Mitch Jackson provided a level of service that went far beyond what I expected. He kept me well informed and provided me with assurance through every step of the process. He worked hard and gave 110% to my case providing support and answering all of my questions. He is a man of his word with great ethics and a strong desire to seek justice for his clients. I would recommend Jackson and Wilson to my friends and family with complete confidence.”

— Christine Brant


“Mr. Jackson and his legal team should be the first choice for anyone seeking assistance with an unusual or complex legal matter. I’ve dealt with numerous attorneys over the past 22 years working for a major insurance company and I can honestly say, none are as professionally competent or care more about customer service than Mr. Jackson”

— Senior Claims Manager- Major Insurance Company


“Mitch is my Superman!

We went to him in desperation because we had been bullied for years. We found that everyone had empathy for us, but no one would help us.

That is until Mitch came into our lives. He was able to put an end to the brutal situation we were in. He was spectacular in court. He maintained his composure, while sinking his teeth further and further into his prey. I really do not think that the other side knew what had hit them.

The bully is still around and still up to his antics, but I feel safe now knowing that Mitch will ALWAYS have our backs. It has been a long, exhausting, stressful road for us, but thanks to Mitch, we have hope for the first time in years.”

— Joyce Plotnik


Dave and Joyce Plotnik client testimonial“We are very grateful that Mitch Jackson of Jackson & Wilson entered our lives. After our neighbor’s continued bullying turned to acts of violence against our family, we needed help. Mitch told us that nobody deserves to be harassed in their own home. Not only did he take our case, but he became our advocate.

Going through a trial was a very stressful experience for our family. Mitch’s confidence in us and in himself helped us have peace of mind. He consistently reminded us that we had the evidence and the law on our side, and that he was going to put an end to our neighbor’s bullying.

Mitch was very well prepared for our trial. He presented our case in a clear and concise manner to the jury. He did a very skillful job of pointing out inconsistencies in the defendants’ testimony. However, he was professional and respectful of everyone involved in the trial, which we believe the jury appreciated. The same cannot be said of the defense attorney.

A week-long trial is not quite as exciting as the legal dramas we see on television. However, there were moments when Mitch stole the show. When the defense was allowed to call a witness that was not on their witness list, Mitch was able to think on his feet. Not only did he discredit this witness, but his testimony actually worked in our favor. Furthermore, Mitch’s closing argument was excellent. He was able to sum up our case for the jury in a very personal and compelling fashion.

In the end, Mitch Jackson was able to secure a significant jury award in our favor. Not only has this helped to compensate our family for the emotional distress that we have been suffering for years, but it has put an end to our neighbor’s harassment. We highly recommend Mitch Jackson of Jackson & Wilson to anyone who is in need of an excellent personal injury attorney.

David & Joyce Plotnik

Testimonial from Motorcycle Accident Client“Before my motorcycle accident, I had never worked with an attorney (nor had I ever been involved in an auto accident, or even stayed a night in a hospital). So after the accident, which had me in 2 different hospitals for several surgeries over a total of 17 days, I had some research to do!

I searched online for the best motorcycle injury lawyers in California. I contacted several of the firms that showed up in the results… and that’s where things got very easy!

Nearly every response I got to my initial inquiry asked the same questions: “Was the other driver at fault?”, “How badly were you injured?”, and “How much were your medical bills?”.

Mitch, however, responded by asking how I was recovering, telling me a bit about the procedure for cases like mine, giving me some information about himself, and giving me quite a bit of information on things to look for when choosing a lawyer. For me, that made it a simple choice.

After some initial paperwork, we were off and running.
That is, Mitch was off and running – I was starting physical therapy to get back to walking again!

From there, the process was not very exciting (which is a good thing). Mitch took care of everything so I could focus on recovering from my injuries. He kept me informed of what was going on and always took the time to answer any questions I had for him. We were able to handle almost all of our communication electronically, which worked out very well for me (Mitch’s office is several hundred miles away from where I live!).

The end of the case is what impressed me the most, and here’s why:

In my case, Mitch was working on a contingency fee basis, which means he would be paid a percentage of the total settlement amount “off-the-top” (before medical insurance or any other fees were paid back).
After the settlement amount was agreed upon, Mitch spent several additional weeks working on my case to reduce the amount that I would owe to the medical insurance company, ultimately saving me over $150,000.

Mitch going that extra mile, despite the fact that it would not increase his own payment at all, showed me that he’s in it for his clients, not just for himself; that is one of the strongest reasons that I would recommend Mitch and his team to anyone!”

— Michael B.  (click here to read more about this case)


Testimonial for Jackson & Wilson Orange County personal injury and wrongful death trial lawyers

“When you think of lawyers, compassion and concern are usually not the words you think of first, but with Mitch, those words are a first priority! And after you find out what a great guy he is, you find out what a dedicated bulldog he is in the courtroom and what a great lawyer he is to have in YOUR corner!

If ever you need one of the greatest guys and best lawyers in the area, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not consulting with Mitch FIRST!!!”

— Stephen Gomez, President/CEO, Interactiva Marketing Group, Inc

“Mitch is ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing his business through the web. He has a large following that listens to what he says because he is a legal expert with years of experience. Mitch helps people in Orange County that have been seriously injured and his case results speak to the commitment that he puts forth on a daily basis to help people heal financially, mentally and physically”

Jim Folliard
Partner at Fairfax Video Studio LLC
Owner at Gearshift Productions LLC


boyd johnson“Mitch is an amazing MENTOR and FRIEND to me! He has given me advice countless times about important steps along my legal career path, and he has literally taught me by example and word how to “Make Everyday Your Masterpiece.”

“As a current law student looking for attorney mentors, I have spoken with dozens of attorneys about what they do, what they like about being an attorney, and how they chose that profession. Unfortunately, many attorneys come across as highly stressed individuals and who do not enjoy their work as attorneys. Clearly, Mitch Jackson is NOT one of those attorneys.

Mitch passionately loves what he does, and that is why he excels at it. I have not seen another attorney work as hard as Mitch does at perfecting his craft, mastering his delivery, and rethinking each issue. I heartily recommend Mitch as an attorney!”

Boyd Johnson
J.D. Candidate, Class of 2015
Chapman University, Dale E. Fowler School of Law
(click here to connect with Boyd on Linkedin)


“I just wanted to thank you, once again, for all the hard work and time that was spent on our case throughout the years. In my very honest opinion, I have always felt that you had all of our best interest at heart. So on behalf of my son Cameron and myself, I want to whole-heartedly Thank-You for being a very Caring and Compassionate Human Being…. U ROCK!!!! Lol…”

May God Bless you and your Family Always,

— Camille & Cameron

miranda-kong“I’ve known Mitch for several years. We first met when he would stop by my parents’ donut shop to buy donuts for the soccer and baseball players he coached.

Unfortunately, several years ago I was involved in an automobile accident. Despite treating with several different doctors, my injuries were not getting any better. The insurance company for the responsible party was also bothering me. I needed help.

I called Mitch and he went to work to immediately made things better. At my request, he recommended several good health care providers and they provided treatment without me having to pay any money up front. With their help, I eventually recovered.

After the other side’s insurance company tried to “low ball” me with an insulting settlement offer, Mitch recommended that I allow him to file a lawsuit and aggressively litigate my case. He did and when it was all said and done, he obtained almost 5 times more than the original settlement offer. With the help of Mitch and his team of experts, I was able settle my case and move on with my life.

Mitch kept my updated on the status of my case and always was clear about what he recommended that I do next to protect my interest. I trusted his opinion and knew he always had my best interest in mind.

If you have a question about your personal injury or wrongful death case (or any legal question for that matter), I strongly recommend that you contact Mitch with your questions!”

— Miranda Kong


“Mitch’s expertise and years of handling personal injury cases really helped in expediting the process and resolution of my case. He kept me updated on the progress as needed. Although my case didn’t go to trial, I am confident Mitch would have been just as effective in reaching the appropriate settlement.”


“Mitch is the best lawyer I have worked with. He has an amazing ability to simply complex issues into simple concepts that a young adult like me can understand.

He listed carefully to my questions and comments and answered quickly and clearly. He has taken my hardship and made the process easy. I will definitely refer him to family and friends.”

– Jessica W.


“The best professional service in this country—that is Jon Mitchell Jackson. I have never seen or heard of an attorney so much devoted to his client and work as Mr. Jackson. He has dedicated himself to his profession and to his client. His character and professionalism is beyond anyone’s expectation. He is a kind and wonderful individual with a gift of care and kindness.”

— Al Amiri (949) 955-9112

Orange County wrongful death lawyers support Tyler Goldberg FoundationDear Mitch,

I have been sitting for a day thinking of the appropriate way to thank you for everything. It was an honor to meet you, though it was on the phone, you have truly touched my heart. You may think that one phone call and e-mail was not much, but it meant the world to me and will never be forgotten.

Throughout my life I have been exposed to many difficult struggles. I have always been a person who could conquer the world on her own. By the age of 30 I was married with 4 children, one of which had died from sudden infant death syndrome at the age of 10 weeks. This was the worst nightmare and I never thought I would make it, but I did. I went on to move to another state, begin my teaching career again and ended up divorced after 15 years. Being displaced in a new state, divorced and the caretaker for 3 small children I was vulnerable and and married the man who destroyed our lives. Within those 4 years had another son. Then went on to be faced with the most horrific incident in my life, Tyler and the events that followed . I watched my beautiful sweet 14 year old son fight for his life like no other.

“…With a few moments of your time, as we spoke I was so impacted by your inner compassion and warmth. I have not stopped telling people in this community of this kind, warm professional who took just a few minutes out of his day to reach out a hand.
In our lives we are all so busy and affected by the immediate things around us, that sometimes we do not recognize the impact we make on others. You Mr. Jackson have made a true impact on me and all those I touch.
So again I truly thank you from within for reaching out your hand…”


After Tyler lost that fight somewhere deep down I had to figure out how to stay vertical for my other 3 children, one which was 13 months at the time . Included in this was a divorce that was a continuation of the horror. While facing all of these situations I had to continue to take care of the children at my work , learn the political system and deal with the loopholes which presented itself there, while enduring that my own children remained okay.

Needless to say these past 5 years have been horrific in so many avenues and have really tested my belief in people. I always say that in no way am I lucky but I am blessed to have a wonderful community, families, students and friends in my life. Without all of the incredible, compassionate people I would not be here today. While saying that, I also have been exposed to many professionals who may have been successful at their job but was not at the way they treated people who needed them regardless of their financial statue.

I know that this has been lengthy and more information than necessary but I felt the need to give you some background on a person you have truly made a difference for. With a few moments of your time, as we spoke I was so impacted by your inner compassion and warmth. I have not stopped telling people in this community of this kind, warm professional who took just a few minutes out of his day to reach out a hand. In our lives we are all so busy and affected by the immediate things around us, that sometimes we do not recognize the impact we make on others. You Mr. Jackson have made a true impact on me and all those I touch.

So again I truly thank you from within for reaching out your hand,

Lee Nossen

Please always remember Tyler and the lessons he has to teach us all. Be educated and responsible on water safety.


Special note from Mitch and Lisa: “For those of you not familiar with this tragic Florida wrongful death jet ski case, Lee’s 14 year-old son, Tyler, suffered fatal injuries resulting from a watercraft accident. Please take a moment and join us in supporting Tyler’s foundation and web site at


“I have known Mitch Jackson and his partner, Lisa Wilson, for many years, first as parents and friends and then as leading attorneys specializing in the very tough area of personal injury and wrongful death. Mitch and Lisa are top performers. They truly set the standard for highly ethical, values based, attorneys and they are at the top of their game.

We have referred Jackson & Wilson on many occasions and their reputation is exploding beyond the regional area.

If ever we need attorneys to represent our family or fiends in a difficult matter, Mitch and Lisa are the ones we’ll go to first – and only.”

— Dave Santore/ Santore Partners

“Mitch Jackson is profoundly helpful, professional and exceptionally knowledgeable in legal matters! I called upon Mitch’s expertise to help me through the legal process of a lawsuit. Despite that my matter was small, that didn’t stop Mitch from wanting to help me. He is extremely busy but was always available to take my calls and never made me feel like I was bothering him. He is very helpful, answered all my questions promptly, and knew exactly the steps to take to head me in the right direction. It was because of Mitch that my suit resulted in a win.”

— Crystal

“I highly recommend Mr. Jackson. This attorney is a rare find. He is one of the few lawyers that truly puts the client first. I found him to be honest, ethical and above board. I can’t say enough good things about him. He handled my case perfectly! I would be happy to personally recommend him to anybody. Thank you Mitch. You did a great job for me.”

— Becky D.


“I retained the services of Jackson & Wilson to help me in an auto accident case. Lisa was honest and helpful answering all of my questions about what I could expect over the duration of the process. She made sure I was fairly compensated and kept me updated on all developing situations. I am sure that without her representation, I would not have been justly served by my insurance company or any of the claims representatives. Thank you!”

— Ms. Angela H.

“Lisa represented me in an auto injury case, which resulted in a fair and reasonable settlement. Lisa was always available by telephone to answer any of my questions. She explained procedures to me in an understandable way, while at the same time she was impressive with her professional knowledge and demeanor. She worked diligently for my interests. I highly recommend her.”

— Ms. Dorothy S.

“Your firm helped me through one of the most difficult time of my life. You were all so gracious about any questions I had. The speed with which you brought my legal case to a fair and fast conclusion was so appreciated and I am sure I would not be in the position I am in if you hadn’t resolved it and got the monetary help for me.”

— Ms. Elaine A. (Retired and active senior citizen)

Wrongful death case- police misconductFirst of all, it is a wonderful profession to be a defender of the law. This is especially true in the area of civil rights and defense. We think of these lawyers (and of course our own Mr. Jackson) as being the defenders of the public at large who take on the concerns and protect the defense and civil rights of people who would not otherwise be heard. Thank god for civil rights and Mr. Jackson.

I would like to say that Mr. Jackson is very professional and hands on type of lawyer. He was also helpful in areas of law that we did not actually hire him for. He is always supportive and always willing to listen and give advice, even if he his opinion was different than ours on any particular matter.

It was a long journey in getting justice for the death of our son (Arthur Lewis Jr.). The civility is great with the legal team of Jackson & Wilson (Lisa also because we know as husband and wife, she was a great asset to the legal effort and team). Giving God of course all the glory and sharing the victory with Mr. Jackson and all staff.”

— Arthur and Jessie Lewis

Click here to read all about this tragic police misconduct wrongful death case…


“Mitch, I appreciate the professional manner in the way you kept me informed along he way. I truly appreciate that you were never too busy to take my calls and answer my questions. Thanks!”

— Sieg W.

“Mr. Jackson (Mitch) was extremely helpful in resolving our legal matter. We could not ask for a more honest and knowledgeable attorney. He kept our costs as low as possible while giving us the highest quality service. Thanks to Mitch our legal matter was resolved quickly and efficiently. Because we were so impressed by Mitch’s work, we will be using Mitch in the future for our other legal needs.”

— Lorrie Klein, MD; Mr. Frank Paul

“We retained the law firm of Jackson & Wilson regarding a business dispute which ultimately resulted in a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit. From our initial meeting with Mr. Jackson and his staff to our resolution, we were treated with the utmost professionalism, respect, integrity, and honesty. Mr. Jackson tirelessly guided us through an uncomfortable, emotional, and stressful time. He handled many things for us behind the scenes minimizing our exposure to the dealings, to only the necessary and essential elements. On the actual trial date, we felt proud to have an attorney that would represent us so well. We recommend Mr. Jackson and his firm to any family member, colleague, or friend with complete assurance that they would be as unequivocally pleased as we were.”

— Dr. & Mrs. Michael D. Wiekamp, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

“Mr. Jackson was referred to our family through one of my son’s doctors. Because of my sons severe communication disabilities it was difficult to find an attorney to represent us. Right from the start, Mr. Jackson was sympathetic and understood the obstacles we had to overcome. I felt Mr. Jackson was compassionate and sensitive to our situation. He kept us up to date and informed throughout the whole ordeal. He always offered us options along the way and was always available, even on the weekends, when we had questions or concerns. We had a tremendous challenge ahead of us, but he walked us through it all the way to the end which resulted in Not Guilty verdicts. Mr. Jackson is a stellar attorney and individual. I would highly recommend him and his firm to anyone in need of legal representation.”

— Marsha Stephenson

“Dear Mitch,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the representation you and your firm provided to Investment Solutions and myself. After building and running a successful business, three years ago I decided to uproot my life and career in an effort to change some things that were causing me unrest with my partnership. In doing so I made a grave error by not consulting with an attorney before dissolving this partnership.

This error in judgment could have cost me my future career and abilities to financially support myself.

I was served with a lawsuit by my former partner and fortunately this brought me to your office. I was impressed at the quick response to my initial call to your offices and quit frankly I must have sounded like an unstable raving lunatic as it felt like the world had just been drug out from underneath me.

You and your firm represented me in what turned out to be over a year long lawsuit that ended with jury trial verdict in my favor. This was an emotionally charged case with many occasions where opposing counsel resorted to borderline unethical antics.

I asked you to do two things for me when I first met with your firm. Those were, to defend me in an ethical manner and to assist me in making informed decisions with my case. You did both.

I wanted to prove my innocence on all allegations against me in my case. In order to do so I needed someone to represent me that not only was an attorney but a person as well, with morals and ethics. I have dealt with many attorneys and have been represented by many law firms in business dealings and by far Jackson and Wilson has provided the best representation I have ever experienced.

Thank you for preserving my career, reputation, and ability to financially support myself.”

— Nicole Clarida/ President

“Mr. Jackson’s knowledge and experience in civil litigation proved to be the difference in obtaining a favorable conclusion to our case. Thanks!”

— Tamar N.

“Jackson & Wilson, Inc. is a firm that you can trust. You will always come first and your well being will be protected at all times. When I first met Mitch, I was not even sure if I was making the right decision regarding litigation. However, Mitch gave the confidence that I could trust him and he never let me down. Mitch was not only my attorney; but, also he was my psychologist and my friend. Having Mitch on my side made the process easier. I would recommend Jackson & Wilson, Inc. to anybody that needs legal advise.”

— Evelyn Rivera-Ocasio/ San Juan, Puerto Rico

“For more than 20 years, years, I have served as CEO of Irvine Photo Graphics, Inc., a nationally and internationally recognized supplier of visual merchandising services. The same five pillars that IPG was founded upon (quality, service, commitment, professionalism and accuracy) are identical to, and in fact reflect, the high quality of legal services we have received from Jackson & Wilson.

From quick answers to legal questions to the prosecution or defense of complicated corporate matters resulting in litigation, trial and appeal, Jackson & Wilson has always achieved the results we were looking for. In fact, I was so impressed with this firm’s passion and commitment to make the complicated uncomplicated, that on more than one occasion I have used Jackson & Wilson to assist me with various personal legal needs.

If you’re looking for an exceptionally qualified, well respected and caring law firm with attorneys who are passionate about putting their clients’ best interest first, then I highly recommend, without reservation, the firm of Jackson & Wilson.”

— Betty Farrell, CEO- Irvine Photo Graphics, Inc.

“To Jackson & Wilson:

For many years, I served as an officer, and then president, of a corporation involved in real estate services. After resigning in good standing from the company to start my own business, my new company and I were unexpectedly (and improperly) named as defendants in a business litigation lawsuit filed by my prior company. The superior court lawsuit sought money damages in excess of $250,000 together with additional punitive damages in an unspecified amount.

I was referred to Jackson & Wilson, Inc. and Mr. Jackson immediately rolled up his sleeves and went hard to work on my defense. During the litigation process, Mr. Jackson always made sure to thoroughly discuss all options and strategies. During our two-week trial in the Los Angeles Superior Court, I felt that Mr. Jackson was able to present my defense in a clear and easy-to-understand fashion resulting in a defense verdict 100% in my favor on the complaint. In its verdict, the jury told the plaintiff that I had done nothing wrong and did not owe the plaintiff a single penny. After trial, Mr. Jackson brought and won a motion resulting in the judge ordering the plaintiff to reimburse me for a majority of my trial-related expenses.

What I remember most about my trial experience was the innocent comment made by a juror after the verdict was read. While walking down the hall to the parking lot of the courthouse, the juror looked over at me and said, “you were the brains behind that company. They should never have let you get away!” I believe this juror felt this way because of the approach, techniques and evidence presented by Mr. Jackson during trial.

Mr. Jackson and his firm protected my interest and obtained a defense verdict on my behalf which let me leave the courthouse with proper closure and my head held high. I would recommend Jackson & Wilson, Inc. to any individual or company needing legal services or already involved in arbitration, mediation or litigation.

Thank you,”

— Successful Business Owner

“Jackson & Wilson has always provided solid legal/business solutions on behalf of our company, Dimensions In Screen Printing for the past 18 years. Our accounts routinely include high profile clients both in the movie and professional sports industries which require a careful balance of resolving legal issues with not unnecessarily stepping on “sensitive” professional toes.

With this in mind, J&W has always carefully handled this delicate relationship with a keen understanding of this unique dynamic in mind and without exception, has always obtained the legal results we are looking for. Whether we need a quick answer to a legal questions over the telephone or, an aggressive trial attorney to represent our interest in an important business litigation matter, the attorneys at J&W have always been there when we needed them.”

— Steve Mellgren, President- Dimensions In Screen Printing

“I am the owner of a small business that needed an LLC filing. Despite my relatively minor legal needs, I received excellent service. Mitch Jackson was prompt, professional and courteous. He took the time to understand my business. He provide a straightforward explanation of the process and the fees. His written communications were thorough and easy to understand. I had no surprises.

Mr. Jackson also provided excellent practical suggestions for how to operate and manage the business as an LLC. In short, I was thoroughly pleased with the service I received and would wholeheartedly recommend his firm.”

Julie Fulton- Hippie Chix Studio LLC

“This is my first legal experience outside of selling and buying a home and drafting a trust or will. I found Lisa Wilson helpful, sympathetic and a pleasure to be with. She also brought about a favorable outcome.
Thank you!”

— L.H.

“Thanks to Mitch, a very stressful situation for us was handled very quickly and professionally. The outcome was exactly what we hoped for and which Mitch had anticipated. We greatly appreciate the personal attention and advice that resolved our legal issue to our satisfaction.”

— Nick and Julie T.

“I was truly blessed when I retained Mr. Jackson. My previous attorney was an absolute nightmare. I had retained him for approximately 1 year. During that time he never once agreed to take my calls, nor did he keep me informed as to the status of my case. While I was in the process of retaining another attorney it was suggested that I go to San Diego to make sure I had all the pertinent documentation for my case. Upon arriving at the courthouse, I discovered that there were 30 pages of documentation that I had never seen. I was absolutely livid. I later found out that he deliberately did not show up for two different hearings and consequently my case was dismissed.

It was at this point that I really questioned our judicial system. Why should the innocent have to suffer for an attorney’s deliberate negligence? My physical and mental pain was far too extensive to give up. I said a prayer and was led to Attorney Jackson. From the first day I met with him he dropped what he was working on and met with me. He soon discovered by performing a search on the Internet, that my previous attorney had many strikes against him. Fortunately however, he felt that I had a strong case and agreed to assist me. He took my case strictly on a contingency basis and never charged me one dime. Whenever I called his office he was always available to speak to me. He was extremely diligent in always sending me documentation to let me know the status of my case also.

Attorney Jackson was solely instrumental in getting a judgment awarded to me against the negligent attorney. It has been eight years now and I still have not been able to collect on my case because the judgment is against the attorney not the doctor. I am however very grateful to Attorney Jackson for his assistance and perseverance. Without his professional expertise, I would have had nowhere else to turn.”

— Brenda B. Orange County, CA

“Mitch was very sensitive to our neighborhood situation. During the beginning he never missed a deadline. His preparation and detail assured opposing counsel that they should settle. We never had any doubt that we would be victorious.”

— Dennis and Christina Gilmore

“Again, thanks for all the guidance and effort that you and your staff have put in on my behalf over these past months. Working with you has truly been a positive experience. Despite my limited knowledge of the legal process, I felt assured by your steady leadership and thorough supervision. There is much to be said about someone who has the strength and wisdom of experience in their chosen profession, and I for one am glad to say that Mitch has earned my respect and support on both a professional and personal level.”

— All the Best- Dennis Wang

“I had a great experience with the firm of Jackson & Wilson. They were caring and had the correct answers to all our questions. I would not hesitate to use this firm again and would refer them to my family and friends.”

— Kelly Hayes, 27001 La Paz Road, #430, Mission Viejo, CA 92691; Tel No. 949-230-0641

“I was extremely satisfied with the manner in which Mr. Jackson handled my case. His professionalism, along with his concern for my health and well being, made the entire process effortless for me. I am extremely appreciative of the outcome of my case, both personally and financially.”

— Brett Beasley, Therapeutic Bodywurx, 30101 Town Center Drive, #210, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677; Tel No. 949-363-6523

“Dear Mitch,

Just a brief note on behalf of myself and my wife to formally document our verbal thanks to you and your staff for the outstanding work in settling my soft-tissue case. With your assistance and guidance, we were able to negotiate a sum proportionate to outstanding medical bills, auto repair/rental and incidental expenses related to the rear-end collision. I appreciate the follow-through and step-by-step guidance through each and every negotiating point that we encountered throughout this case. Had we gone at it alone, I’m quite certain that we would have been left with the short end of the stick, and a mountain of unsubstantiated bills.

Thank you for the time and personal attention. I look forward to pursuing a professional relationship with you and your firm in the future.

— Warmly- Caesar Kavadoy”

“Jackson & Wilson has always “been there” for my company’s questions and legal needs. Whether we needed to simply bounce a question off of one of the attorneys or, formally pursue a substantial collection matter against a major Fortune 500 Company, Jackson & Wilson was there to quickly and efficiently obtain the results my company was looking for. In today’s highly competitive and litigious businesses environment, it’s important to have excellent legal counsel represent and protect your interest. People you can trust and talk to about your legal options.

With this in mind, I highly recommend that you have Jackson & Wilson be the firm to stand next to you prior to, or the next time, a legal challenge comes your way.”

— William Garland Wiley IV, President- Component Dynamics, Inc.

“Prior to retirement, I was the owner-operator of a very successful motorcycle and watercraft dealership in south Orange County for 27 years. It was known as Saddleback Suzuki and Sea-Doo. I met Mitch Jackson (aka “Action Jackson”) as a customer. Immediately I liked the guy because he was a very pleasant person and I truly enjoyed his loyalty through the years. I realized after a few conversation with him that he was a successful attorney with a practice just down the street from my establishment. If you’re in business in today’s world sooner or later you’re going to need legal help.

I contacted Mitch with a problem that I was involved in. I have always supported my customers when I need goods and services. I also had several attorney clients but I felt at the time Mitch would serve me best. Not to be disappointed, Mitch did an outstanding job for me and I never felt slighted in any way.

He proved to honest, always available, kept me informed, and I always felt he had put my best interest first. I have required his services several times and of course every time he is exceptional in his legal services. I can highly recommend, without any reservations, Jackson & Wilson to any small, medium, or large size company in need of exceptional legal services. The bottom line is that you can trust this team to get the job done!”

— Greg Lamb- President G& D Lamb Services, Inc.

“We want to thank you for all your hard work you recently did for us. We needed an LLC Company set up immediately in order to purchase some real property. Even though you were preparing to start a long jury trial, you took the time to form our company in just two days. Your quick action and dedication to our matter helped us to take advantage of some excellent financing opportunities and to acquire the property. Again, thank you for all your hard work. It was highly appreciated.”

— R. Seamans and S. Marshall

I’ve known Mitch Jackson for 20 years working on community projects through our Rotary club.  I have found Mitch to be enthusiastic and eager to help.
Mitch often takes the lead as Chairman and organizes a project through to the finish.  Mitch is a real team player, and you definitely want him
in your corner standing up for the right principles and taking positive actions on your behalf.  Mitch is connected with many other professionals that make the law firm as outstanding as it is. He is a born litigator and a Good American!
— Mary Jeffries, Broker/ Corniche Properties

“Your firm did a great job, even though my case took a long time. It was worth the wait! The amount of my settlement was good and I am pleased that you helped me with my case.”

— Lindsey Knox (Laguna Niguel)

“It has always been a pleasure to work with your firm. You have always been professional and handled all of our claims in an expeditious manner. I would highly recommend you, without hesitation, to any of our associates.”

— Ronald M., (Physician)

“Mr. Jackson- You definitely explained everything clearly which did not leave any questions for us to ask. You also kept us informed all the time on every bit of new information received on our case. This helped make many of our days more relaxed and also helped us sleep comfortably at night. Thank you.”

— The Russ R. Family (Laguna Hills business owners and Anaheim residents)

“Thanks Lisa and great job! I was never so pleased with the professionalism, accurate work and my comfort with the whole office. I was explained on the legal aspects of the case and when I had questions, someone would always answer them for me. I have to say I will always recommend your firm to family, friends and patients that need legal advice. Thanks again!”

— Ms. Pamela J.

“We were very happy to have Mitch & Lisa as our attorneys. They were very diligent, prompt as well as professional, and we were quite pleased with the quick results. Jackson & Wilson is a great law firm and we highly recommend them to any in need of their superior services.”

— Mr. & Mrs. Michael S.

“You were concerned, professional, and prompt in your dealings with our family. You helped us get a good settlement with no aggravation; we greatly appreciate your diligence, courtesy, and competence.”

— Ms. Shelley E. (Resident of New York)

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your help on my car accident case. I received the final paperwork and settlement check last week. Your assistance made the entire process totally stress-free for me.”

— Ms. Julie B.

“As fellow Rotarians since I joined Rotary in 1993, I have known Mitch Jackson and Lisa Wilson of the Jackson and Wilson Law Firm for several years. During this time, I have had the pleasure of referring to Jackson and Wilson my patients who were in the need of a personal injury law firm. My patients received prompt, professional, and ethical legal assistance in the hands of Jackson and Wilson, and were quite pleased with the attention to detail—and results– they received.

A few months ago, I found a need to refer myself to Jackson and Wilson. After my bicycle accident versus an automobile in 2000, it seemed that the other person’s auto insurance was not interested in settling my claim— they didn’t respond to my letters, and I felt that they just hoped I would go away. I brought attorney Mitch Jackson of the Jackson & Wilson law firm into the case, and he was able to get an immediate response from the other party’s insurance. Within a few weeks, Mitch was able to negotiate a settlement for me that was over three times the other party’s original settlement offer. All of this was done by phone and by fax, with just one settlement conference—and we were able to settle out of court, without litigation! With my busy schedule, time is critical. Jackson and Wilson, thank you for your professionalism, and thank you for saving me precious time! ”

— Sincerely, Dr. Frank J. Mogavero DDS, MS, Orthodontist

“The Jackson & Wilson firm was an excellent example of a strong experienced firm. You handled my case with a level of service above and beyond concerning the circumstances. Mitch Jackson kept me very informed on what was going on and what to expect from the other firm and the deposition.”

— Mr. Francisco C.

“I want to thank you very much for taking time and effort to advise me, and then calling me back again to help me with a referral and even more advice. Mitch, you are very warm, caring and a very good person… I called seven different attorneys and none wanted my case…thank you for taking the time and attention to help me…”

— Miss Mariam Aghbabian, Lake Forest, CA

“I was very pleased with services provided by Jackson & Wilson. Mr. Jackson was responsive and handled the case to my full satisfaction.”

— Mr. Peter G., San Clemente, CA


“This firm is great! They helped me a lot and worked very hard on my case. I definitely recommend them for everyone!”

— Ms. Z. Hashempour, Laguna Niguel, CA

“It really was a pleasure to have worked with Mitch on my wife’s case. He was honest, straightforward, timely in his responses to our questions, and very hard working. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend him to anyone. It is comforting to know there are still people who conduct themselves in this manner. Thank you Mitch for all you’ve done for us.”

— Mr. Vince T., Chino, CA

“I would highly recommend the law firm of Jackson & Wilson to my friends and family. The firm of Jackson & Wilson handled a personal injury case for me recently and at all times I was kept informed and updated on the progress of the case. Mr. Jackson worked hard on our behalf and our case was settled promptly.” Click here to read about our client’s very tragic wrongful death case…

— Mr. Jim F., Silverado, CA

“Mitch Jackson went above & beyond the call of duty. He was very personable & made me (the client) always feel welcome & comfortable. Highly recommended.”

“I want to add my name to the long list of clients that have been so solidly represented by Jackson & Wilson. He did a fine job of securing a recovery that was fair and to my satisfaction.”

— Mr. Leonard J., Laguna Niguel, CA

“Although the outcome wasn’t what I hoped for and I don’t think it could ever of been, I most certainly appreciate your efforts. You cannot place monetary values on the tragedies I have suffered nor can you on all the assistance and support everyone has given.”
— Terry B.

[Note- We agree with Terry. He lost his leg as a result of being struck by a truck while riding his motorcycle. The truck driver was found guilty of operating his vehicle while under the influence. Although we obtained a $2 million judgment for Terry, the responsible party was only insured up to $15,000 and had no significant assets to pursue]

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