Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI

On Thursday morning in Miami Beach, Florida, pop star Justin Bieber was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and drag racing. [Update on CNN]

According to police spokesman, Bobby Hernandez, it is alleged that Bieber was driving a yellow Lamborghini observed racing a Ferrari in a residential area of Miami Beach. The entertainer allegedly showed “signs of impairment” and failed his field sobriety test. He was then taken into custody and booked on drunk driving charges.


Bieber’s arrest should remind everyone that each year approximately 11,000 people will die in drunk-driving crashes. That’s about one death every 50 minutes. Teen alcohol use kills about 6,000 people each year, more than all illegal drugs combined. It’s also sad to note that automobile or car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens and one out of three of those is alcohol related.

Several good links to help with DUI issues include MADD  are The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

mitch-jackson-and-lisa-wilson-150-jpgIn closing we want to point out that as both lawyers and parents of one young driver and another just two years from getting his license, we have zero tolerance for drunk drivers. Too many people are harmed and the lives to too many families are torn apart because of driving while under the influence. Here’s more information and our take on this very big problem. 


Video on TMZ

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