Expert Services

Mitch Jackson and Lisa Wilson are Orange County California personal injury and wrongful death lawyers- accidents, motorcycle accidents and large truck accidentsMitch and Lisa are both available to offer expert legal advice, opinion, and testimony in cases involving legal malpractice.

In addition to representing injured consumers in catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases, Mitch and Lisa also enjoy serving as expert witnesses in legal malpractice cases. They offer persuasive and effective services and are able to explain to your jury or other trier of fact, the details of the legal malpractice in a simple and easy to understand fashion.

When it comes to providing legal malpractice expert opinion and testimony, there is no substitute for 27 years of experience, thousands of cases, and numerous arbitrations, mediations, court and jury trials. Add to this all of the “factors” behind numerous testimonials, recommendations and awards and you have a proven formula for success in your next legal malpractice case!

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