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Mitch Jackson interview showing you how to find and hire a good Orange County California personal injury or wrongful death lawyer

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The information at this web site is designed to help and educate injured consumers about their important legal rights.  Thousands of consumers have found many of these audios and podcasts extremely useful.  We hope you do too!

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LIVE RADIO Interview- “Three Good Ways to Find a Good Lawyer and 9 Questions to Ask During the Interview”

5 Things You Should NEVER Do After an Accident or Collision (and 5 more things you should always do)”

New York Times Best Selling Author, Chris Brogan, Interviews Senior Partner, Mitch Jackson About the “Art of Communication”

How We Help Clients Negotiate Million Dollar Cases. Learn these 10 tips to help you close your next deal

Sworn Statements are for Suckers- 10 reasons why you shouldn’t give one to the other side’s insurance company

Interview- What’s the Mindset of a Successful Trial Lawyer

Wrongful Death Jet Ski Verdict- Podcast Episode 105

Podcast- How to Find, Interview, and Hire The Perfect Lawyer for You!

Podcast- Rabbit and Lion- Why you need a lawyer when dealing with an insurance claims adjuster

Podcast- The Ugly Truth About How Insurance Companies Settle Claims

Podcast- Minors and Jurors- Remind them about what is important in life during your next trial

Podcast- Getting Your Vehicle Repaired After a Collision in California

Podcast- A bit more about Jackson and Wilson and Why We Can Help You

Podcast- Client Testimonials Can Help You Find a Good Lawyer

Podcast- Our Case Results Say it All!

Podcast- Does Your Personal Injury Lawyer Have These High Ratings?

Podcast- More About Our Lawyers and 25 Years of Service

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