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Wrongful Death Lawyer Jon Mitchell Jackson in Orange County CA

We are proud to be consumer trial lawyers. Since 1986, it's been an honor to have had the opportunity to help victims of personal injury and wrongful death. Supporting our efforts over the past 27+ years is the American Association for Justice. This national trial lawyer organization was … [Read more...]

Retired Police Officer and Wife Die After Semi Tractor Trailer Truck Collides With Their Van. We were asked to represent their three young surviving children…

Orange County large truck injury lawyer and attorney

Family ski trips are suppose to be fun and filled with lifelong memories. Unfortunately for our three young clients, this trip was tragically different. Here’s their story. While driving down the 91 Riverside freeway on the way to the local ski resort in Big Bear, California, the family van … [Read more...]

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Information is power. Being informed when dealing with insurance companies and lawyers is critically important to your success. Read our brand new and free 90+ page ebook before talking to a lawyer and before talking to an insurance company.  Click here to download your FREE copy … [Read more...]

New eBook entitled, “The Truth About Your California Personal Injury or Wrongful Death Case”

Injury Victims Need to Know Their Rights. Our brand new 90+ page eBook entitled, “The Truth About Your California Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Case” tells it like it is. We hold nothing back and make it a point to share 25 years of insider tips and suggestions to help every victim of personal … [Read more...]

SMILE, TWIST THE THROTTLE, BUT BE CAREFUL- Motorcycle Accidents Happen Way Too Often!

Lawyer in orange county representing motorcycle accident wrongful death victims

Did you know that each year, about 4,000 motorcycle riders sustain fatal injuries in motorcycle accidents. Another 76,000 riders are seriously injured. Each day in the U.S., about 12 motorcycle riders are involved in fatal accidents with another 208 riders sustaining injury. We enjoy riding as … [Read more...]

Orange County Dog Bites and Dog Attacks. Have You Been Bitten By a Vicious Dog?

Dog bite attorney in Orange County California

Most people are not aware of the fact that each year across Orange County and the United States, close to 5,000,000 people are bitten or attacked by dogs. Of these dog bite victims, about 340,000 require emergency treatment and result in more than 1,000 dog bite hospital emergency room visits each … [Read more...]

Large Truck Collides With Clients’ Van. Retired Police Officer and Wife are Killed. Three Children Survive. Here’s their story…

A true story about one of our very sad wrongful death cases... The family was on their way up to Big Bear to go skiing. Although it was raining in Orange County, they knew that fresh snow would be waiting for them at Snow Summit ski resort. Unfortunately, they never made it. Here are the … [Read more...]