Has Your Vehicle Been Damaged in a Collision? Do You Know the California Auto Body Repair Consumer Bill of Rights?

Podcast- California Auto Body Repair Consumer Bill of Rights

You've just been in an accident and your vehicle is damaged. You need to get it repaired and you need a rental car. What are your rights? In this podcast, Mitch explains 6 important things you need to know to protect your rights under California property damage law. We also share info and contact … [Read more...]

DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I SUE: Exposing the Lawsuit-Happy Hypocrites of U.S. Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform

consumer rights and lawsuit abuse

The Institute for Legal Reform (ILR), an arm of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, has the sole mission of restricting the ability of individuals harmed by negligent corporations to access the civil justice system. According to the multinational corporations that finance ILR, American businesses are … [Read more...]

24 Things You May Have Missed From Jackson and Wilson in 2011…

24 new updates from Orange County attorneys Jackson and Wilson

New free services: “Telephone Tuesdays”, “Webinar Wednesdays”, “Twitter Thursdays” and “Facebook Fridays”   New videos on our updated Youtube Channel!   Webinars- Free Wednesday Webinars for people who need legal help   New ebooks and reports including our brand new … [Read more...]

Protect Your Legal Rights. Get this FREE eBook Today…

Information is power. Being informed when dealing with insurance companies and lawyers is critically important to your success. Read our brand new and free 90+ page ebook before talking to a lawyer and before talking to an insurance company.  Click here to download your FREE copy … [Read more...]

New eBook entitled, “The Truth About Your California Personal Injury or Wrongful Death Case”

Injury Victims Need to Know Their Rights. Our brand new 90+ page eBook entitled, “The Truth About Your California Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Case” tells it like it is. We hold nothing back and make it a point to share 25 years of insider tips and suggestions to help every victim of personal … [Read more...]

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Emergencies can happen any time and any where. For instant answers to California legal questions and more (police, medical...), make sure everyone in your family downloads our FREE smartphone app. It only takes about 60 seconds and you'll sleep better at night knowing everyone is protected with the … [Read more...]

“Hot Coffee” The Movie (The Truth About the McDonald’s Hot Coffee Burn Case)

For many Americans, the famous McDonald’s coffee case has become emblematic of the frivolous lawsuits that clog our courts and stall our justice system.   Or is that exactly what Big Corporate America, Insurance Companies, and McDonald’s wants us to think? Enter intrepid filmmaker Susan Saladoff. … [Read more...]

Why You Can Trust Us…

testimonials of orange county wrongful death attorneys

Trust doesn't just happen.  It's something that is earned over a long period of time. We first opened our doors 25 years ago. We understood then, as we do now, that the most important four qualities a lawyer and law firm can have are ability, expertise, reputation, and trust. Now, a quarter of a … [Read more...]