Property Damage Repair and Insurance Fraud (reported by CNN tonight)

CNN Reports Insurance Companies are Defrauding Consumers

Tonight on CNN it was reported that insurance companies are forcing automobile body repair facilities to use used and broken parts to fix your damaged vehicle. The reason is to save these insurance companies money.

If auto body repair shops refuse to use substandard parts to repair your vehicle, their owners are reporting that these same insurance companies are threatening to direct business to other shops who will agree to improperly repair your car. Consumer lawyers are now filing lawsuits against these insurance companies to force them to stop putting profits over people and to properly repair their insured’s vehicles.

You have the right to have your car properly repaired. There is no reason in the world, other than greed and profits, for your insurance company to use substandard and even dangerous parts to fix your car. And there is no excuse in the world to place broken or substandard parts on your vehicle placing your life, and the life of your family at risk.

California Citizens Have Rights

In California, consumers have rights and in this 6 minute podcast, we share 6 things you need to know and do when getting your car repaired after a collision.  We also share info and contact information giving you easy access to the California Department of Consumer Affairs  (Bureau of Automotive Repair) and the California Department of Insurance (Consumer Services Division) that you can use to help protect your rights and the safety of your family.

If you think you are the victim of property damage repair by an insurance company, contact the above agencies or an experienced lawyer to help. The bottom line in these types of case is to make sure your car is safely repaired to that you life, and the lives of those you care about are safe. Use the player below or click here to listen to the podcast..