Download Our FREE Smartphone App! Get 24/7 legal protection in the palm of your hand!

Orange County Lawyer Smartphone AppEmergencies can happen any time and any where.

For instant answers to California legal questions and more (police, medical…), make sure everyone in your family downloads our FREE smartphone app. It only takes about 60 seconds and you’ll sleep better at night knowing everyone is protected with the information.

Although there are actually more than 50 reasons to download the J&W app, here are the 10 most popular…

  • Emergency Numbers
  • Answers to FAQs
  • Legal Checklists
  • “One Click” Phone, Email and Text Connect
  • Directions and Maps
  • Free Advice
  • Live Blog Feeds and Legal News Updates
  • Social Media Links to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube
  • Free Updates
  • New Tools, Services, Updates and More…

All you have to do is search your Apple or Android App store for “CALawyers or California Lawyers” and download your FREE app. (Hint- look for the golden scales of justice)

Orange County Lawyers and Attorneys- Top rated with 25 years experienceImportant Tip for California Residents- Parents should make sure all teenage children have this easy to use app on their cell phones. You never know when they’ll need access to emergency numbers like police, fire, poison control, criminal defense lawyers, bail bondsman…

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