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05-27-2015 (Wednesday Episode #10) Your immigration questions answered by Jacob Sapochnick, lawyer and author of “My American Job: The Foreign Worker’s Ultimate Guide to Finding a Job and a Visa Sponsor in the United States”

my american job spreecast



05-26-2015 (Tuesday Episode #9) Your rights as a bicycle rider (Also feel free to click here to read one of our detailed blog posts explaining your legal rights as a bicycle rider in California)

Questions included: (1) Am I required to ride my bike on the street or sidewalk? (2) Do I have to wear a helmet when riding? (2) Can I listen to my iPod when riding a bike? (4) Am I required to use a light at night?

05-22-2015 (Friday Episode #8) Your criminal law and criminal defense questions answered w/special guest and North Carolina criminal defense attorney, Johnnie Finch!

Questions included: (1) If a police officer ask for my permission to search my car or person, do I need to let him do it? (2) When should I stop talking to a police officer and ask for a lawyer? (3) What’s the difference between an interrogation and an arrest? Can I use my smartphone to video a police officer during an arrest or incident?

spreecast with johnnie finch and mitch jackson



05-21-2015 (Thursday Episode #7) Takata airbag recall (34 million cars) and what to do?

05-19-2015 (Tuesday Episode #6) My insurance company is jerking me around about getting my car fixed after an accident. What rights do I have? My dog bit someone. It wasn’t my fault. Do I have anything to worry about?

05-18-2015 (Monday Episdoe #5) What’s the best way to find a good lawyer?


05-15-15 (Friday Episode #4) What do I think of Legal Zoom and other online legal help platforms?


05-14-15 (Thursday Episode #3)  How to use the legal system to STOP bullying!


05-13-15 (Wednesday Episode #2) Doing business online- 6 legal tips you should know. Also, train liability questions in light of the recent Amtrak train derailment in Philadelphia on Tuesday.


05-12-15 (Tuesday Episode #1) Do I have the right to take videos and pictures of police officers with my cell phone?