New Testimonial from WJ Bradbury

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A very good week ended on a sour note this afternoon after having my vehicle towed to the dealership. Standing around in the hot parking lot in my suit waiting for AAA was not my idea of a good time. Not only did I waste several hours, I also was forced to miss watching my son's football practice at Dana Hills High School. Things took a positive turn after getting home early this evening. I … [Read more...]

A Moving Letter from a Mom to an Insurance Company

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My mom wrote this today and posted it to her Facebook account. I think it should be shared with the world so I stole it and am sending it to Jen Pastiloff. My brother, Damon, was in a car accident two years ago and lives with a brain injury. She posted this as a pretend letter to our insurance company… I think it is a good reminder to just be really compassionate and to think about how all of our … [Read more...]

Mitch Jackson’s Interview in “Above the Law” About Google Glass

Mitch Jackson Google Glass

Here is Mitch's interview with Nicole Black in today’s “Above the Law” about Google Glass When I asked how Mitch expects to use Google Glass during trial, he replied: "In the near future, and subject to court approval, I hope to use Glass to pick my juries and examine witnesses. For example, I anticipate picking a jury here in California and use Glass to confidentially interact in real time with … [Read more...]

This Month’s YOU SHOULD KNOW Newsletter- More Kids Left in Hot Cars

Kids Left in Hot Cars

Children Left in Hot Cars Car temperatures can rise 20 degrees in 10 minutes, rapidly overheating a small child. You might think it’s impossible to forget there is a child in the car. That only happens to irresponsible parents, you might say, shaking your head. News flash: It can happen to anyone, regardless of education or social standing. In 2013, 44 children died of heatstroke after … [Read more...]

Backup Cameras in Cars

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Lately, there's been a great deal of concern over children being left in their hot vehicles. We wrote about children and heat-related car deaths here and shared several good safety tips to avoid this from happening. Another very big problem involving children and vehicles that we're not hearing too much about is the tragedy of young children being run over by vehicles backing up down the street … [Read more...]

Partner Shares Monthly Business Success Tips in Owner Magazine

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Starting in July, Mitch will be sharing a monthly business oriented article in Owner Magazine. If you're an entrepreneur or business owner, you should absolutely check the magazine out. This week Mitch's article in Owner is titled, "Negotiate Like an Owner". In the post he shares almost 3 decades of negotiation tips and approaches that you can use to close your next deal. Mitch's first … [Read more...]


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I took this picture of an alligator while in the bayou south of New Orleans. Our airboat had just come to a stop and “Lisa” (our guide gave this little 8’ beauty the name for reasons that become apparent when you watch the short video) swam towards us through the muddy water and without a care in the world. Lisa was the largest of 5 other gators that circled our airboat that morning. By the way … [Read more...]

Children Heat-Related Car Deaths

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Should an adult who leaves their child in a hot car resulting in injury or death be charged with a crime? What if the adult in charge (parent, older sibling, neighbor) acted in a reckless fashion and knew what they were doing but didn’t fully appreciate the risk? What about an adult intentionally leaving his child in the car so as not be inconvenienced with unbuckling and carrying the child … [Read more...]

Matt Lauer interviews Jim McMahon on TODAY

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Former Chicago Bears quarterback, Jim McMahon, and many other NFL players, claim they were misled about the effects of drugs used to keep them on the field. McMahon was the star quarterback for the Chicago Bears quarterback in the 1980s. McMahon is one of 750 players identified in a federal class-action lawsuit filed against the NFL last month. The lawsuit accuses teams of illegally giving … [Read more...]

The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side is a revolutionary new approach to inspiring youth to make their teen years drug and alcohol free. Please support our client and friend, Christine Brant, and her team who are on a mission to reduce teen substance abuse by inspiring young people to make positive decisions to stay healthy and avoid drugs and alcohol. … [Read more...]

A Trial Lawyer’s Negotiation Secrets- 3 decades of Tips and Approaches

negotiation tips

Over the years we've studied and practiced the art of negotiation and have used the same techniques shared in this SlideShare to negotiate multi-million dollar settlements for our clients. We invite you to put these tips to use in your next negotiation or sale.   Negotiation- A Trial Lawyer's Negotiation Secrets! from Mitch Jackson   … [Read more...]

Orange County Dog Bites and Dog Attacks- Have You Been Bitten By a Vicious Dog?

dog bite lawyer orange county california

Most people are not aware of the fact that each year across Orange County and the United States, close to 5,000,000 people are bitten or attacked by dogs. Of these dog bite victims, about 340,000 require emergency treatment and result in more than 1,000 dog bite hospital emergency room visits each day. Tragically, about 20 of these dog attacks result in loss of human life. [Legal Update- One of … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Kicks Off Top Two Grilling Months- Here are good grilling safety tips!

Grilling Safety Tips for Orange County Grillers

Most of our family, friends and clients are not aware of the fact that gas and charcoal grills are a serious fire risk, causing an average of 8,800 residential fires, 10 deaths, 140 injuries and $96 million in direct property damage each year. In this month’s You Should Know newsletter, we share easy to follow grilling safety tips that will help insure this upcoming Father’s Day and summer are … [Read more...]

Teenage Drivers in Cars

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What if there was a disease that claimed the lives of 2,400 teens each year? A disease that was the leading killer of teenagers, that didn’t distinguish between income or race, and could devastate any family? What if that disease could be prevented through available, inexpensive behavior changes? Unfortunately this ‘disease’ exists: motor vehicle crashes result in more teen deaths than any … [Read more...]

Swimming Pool Accidents and Drownings

Swimming Pool and Spa drownings

We were fortunate to grow up with swimming pools and truly appreciate how much fun they can be, especially on a hot summer day. Here's a picture of Mitch being tossed by his dad way back in the day. To this day, Mitch still shows the same level of enthusiasm on the first day of trial :-) Despite the found memories of swimming and staying cool in the summer, we think it's important for our … [Read more...]

Our New Service Provides FREE Answers to Your Legal Questions 24/7!

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We are very excited to share a brand new 24/7 online service our law firm just rolled out yesterday afternoon. This service provides people with free answers or second opinions to their legal questions. It doesn’t matter if you submit your legal questions early in the morning before the kids get up or late at night after Jimmy Fallon signs off. This convenient online service allows you to sit down … [Read more...]