Bill Cosby Admitted During 2005 Deposition That He Drugged Women

Bill Cosby Meerkat Opinion

Breaking News! According to The Associated Press, documents just released confirm that Bill Cosby testified under oath during a deposition in 2005 that he got Quaaludes with the intent of giving them to young women he wanted to have sex with. Furthermore, it is reported that Cosby admitted to giving the sedative to at least one woman and "other people." Here is Mr. Jackson's real time comments … [Read more...]

New Recommendation from Attorney Johnnie Finch

Johnnie Finch

The Definition of a Difference Maker Without question, Attorney Jon Mitchell “Mitch” Jackson is one of finest men and lawyers I’ve had the pleasure to commune with. One thing that separates Mitch hundreds of thousands of miles away from the peanut gallery is the fact he genuinely cares for his fellow man. Over the past 30 years, Mitch has staked his claim as one of the best trial lawyers and … [Read more...]

When Do You Know If Your Car is a Lemon?

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If you buy a pair of jeans at the GAP that don’t fit, you simply take them back for a refund or swap them for a better-fitting pair. But what happens if you buy a new car that doesn’t “fit?” It’s in the shop almost from day one with problems the dealer can’t seem to repair. Uh-oh, you might just have a lemon. And unfortunately, taking it back for a refund or a new car is much more complicated than … [Read more...]

Facebook, Social Media, Free Speech, and the US Supreme Court

Facebook SCOTUS Social Media

Most of you know that we’re very active on social media. We believe the digital platforms have allowed for more transparency and offer new ways for lawyers to help clients. With this increased visibility and new technology come new responsibilities, rights and remedies. One huge concern for many is that of free speech and how your traditional Constitutional rights and remedies are affected when … [Read more...]

Immigration Questions Answered by Attorney Jacob Sapochnick

Jacob Sapochnick and Mitch Jackson

Each day at noon Mitch answers your legal questions on his show, This week Mitch's guest was San Diego lawyer, Jacob J. Sapochnick, who specializes in immigration law. The practice is a multi-lingual firm and is able to serve clients in a variety of foreign languages: Spanish,Mandarin, Arabic, Hebrew, French and Russian. On the show Jacob talked about his new book, My … [Read more...]

How Lawyers Will Use Live Video Streaming Apps Like Meerkat and Periscope To Win Trials

how trial lawyers will use meerkat and periscope by mitch jackson 200

During a jury trial, one of the biggest challenges you face as a lawyer is trying to figure out what a jury wants or needs to hear. It’s often difficult to determine how your jury is interpreting the facts and evidence. Currently, lawyers are forced to decode a jurors body language and speculate as to its meaning. This uncertainty is about to stop. Trials will involve real time feedback from … [Read more...]

Criminal Law Legal Questions Answered

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As many of you know, each day at noon we go live and answer your legal questions on our show, This past Friday we had North Carolina criminal defense attorney, Johnnie Finch, on the show to answer your questions about criminal law, criminal defense and to share suggestions about how you should interact with the police. Click below to watch the show and please share … [Read more...]

Just a fun chat with legal tech star Niki Black!

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Sometimes you have to push the pleadings aside, take a deep breath and have some fun. That's just what I did earlier today when I took time to Spreecast with an old friend, Niki Black. We talked about lawyers using technology to better serve their clients and also about the new Apple Watch (Niki's wearing one). I hope you enjoy today's show as much as I did producing it [podcast version here]. … [Read more...]

How This California Law Firm Handles Bullying Cases

Stop-Bullying-and-Cyber-Bullying-Lawyers-and-Attorneys 200

Our Take on Bullying This isn’t a touchy “feel good” post. I am not exploring the social or psychological reasons behind why people become bullies. I’m also not sharing research as to whether or not people and students have become soft and are now overreacting to teasing. I’ll save these issues for another time. What this post is about is how to come down hard on a bully and shut things down. … [Read more...]

Here’s a Side of Mitch You May Not Have Seen…


Jason Falls interviews Mitch Jackson about Motocross, 30 years of Negotiation Tips, and Taking Risks in Life! Yesterday morning our Senior Partner, Jon Mitchell Jackson, was a guest on Jason Falls' popular radio show, “The Bad Ass 100 Proof Radio Show.”  Mitch and Jason talked motocross, shared 3 decades of negotiation tips, and the importance of taking risks in business and life (Mitch's actual … [Read more...]

Dog Bites Can Be Prevented with Better Education

Dog Bite Attorney Orange County

The old saying “dogs are a man’s best friend” might be news to the more than four million people bitten each year, most often children and the elderly. Some of these attacks result in emergency room injuries, reconstructive surgery and – for 39 people in 2013 – death. Click here to read this month's "You Should Know" newsletter! Past newsletters here... … [Read more...]

How to Legally Get Cell Phone Records

Cell Phone Privacy

Today's Patriot Act Ruling Earlier today a federal appeals court ruled that the telephone metadata collection program, under which the National Security Agency gathers up millions of phone records each and every day, is illegal under the Patriot Act. Judge Gerard E. Lynch, writing for a three judge panel of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, said the program "exceeds the scope of what Congress … [Read more...]

Mitch Jackson Speaking at ROI2015!

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Mitch will be speaking later this month at the Radius of Influence Legal Marketing Conference (ROI2015) hosted at the Ritz-Carlton Denver. His presentation will be focused around helping lawyers use mobile technology to build better relationships and expand their sphere of influence. Attorneys from around the world will be attending this always popular conference established and designed to … [Read more...]

New Client Testimonial in Legal Malpractice Case

Orange County Lawyer

"Upon first hearing of the Jackson and Wilson firm and reading through their accomplishments and awards, I met with Mitch Jackson for a client consultation. After meeting with Mitch in person it became immediately evident that I had found the person I needed to represent my cause in a very convoluted legal malpractice case. I also found myself wishing that Mitch had represented my original case, … [Read more...]

Big Mistake by Lawyers Results in Six Figure Malpractice Settlement

Orange County Legal Malpractice Lawyer

Before Our Involvement Our client sought the help of a local law firm to protect his legal rights after being wrongfully harassed for years in the workplace. After being told he had a strong case, he hired the law firm with the mistaken belief his legal rights would be protected. During the litigation process the law firm made one mistake after another. It was even sanctioned $40,000 by the … [Read more...]

Faulty Products Put Patients at Risk

California Personal Injury Lawyer

Some Popular Medical Devices Escape FDA Scrutiny Hip Replacement Arthroplasty, the reconstruction or replacement of a joint, as shown here in this hip x-ray, is big business for aging baby boomers. Countless patients around the world depend on advanced medical devices to improve their quality of life. As the $110 billion medical device industry cranks out thousands of products every year, … [Read more...]

Orange County Lawyer Selected “Top One Percent”

Orange County Lawyer

The National Association of Distinguished Counsel Senior Partner, Jon Mitchell Jackson, Recognized by the NADC! This organization has having dedicated to promoting the highest standards of legal excellence. It’s mission is to objectively recognize the attorneys who elevate the standards of the Bar and provide a benchmark for other lawyers to emulate. Members are vetted by a research team, a … [Read more...]

Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and the Law

telepresence robots and the law

Artificial Intelligence and Telepresence Robots In the past we've written articles about using Google Glass to pick a jury and how wearable mobile technology will some day help us be better lawyers. Technology is changing everything and when you add artificial intelligence ("AI") and telepresence robots into the mix, things really start getting interesting. For example, in the not too distant … [Read more...]