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Client testimonials for Orange County California personal injury and wrongful death lawyersWhen you refer your California personal injury and wrongful death cases to our firm, we will do everything we can to maximize the value of their case. We also keep you updated each month on the status of your referral. At the conclusion of the case and pursuant to California State Bar Rules, we will promptly pay you the promised attorney to attorney referral fee.

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Orange County attorney referrals in personal injury and wrongful death casesOne More Thing… Don’t end up being a “Bob”

Bob is an exceptional estate planning attorney who receives a call from a client whose father was tragically killed by a drunk driver.  The client is interested in having Bob represent his family and file a civil wrongful death claim against the responsible drunk driver.

Almost immediately, Bob knows he’ll be able to help the family.  Liability is clear and the damages speak for themselves.

Bob agrees to represent the family and is surprised to find a kind and sympathetic claims adjuster who, without much of a fight, agrees to settle this terrible loss for the driver’s $250,000 policy limits.  Bob’s clients are happy with the “policy limits” settlement and a release is signed.  Bob closes his file.  When putting the documents into a box, Bob thinks to himself, “This was easy.  I need to handle more of these cases.”

Unfortunately, that’s not the end to our story…

About a year later Bob gets a call.  It’s attorney Sam “Big Gun” Jones and he now represents the family that Bob helped in the earlier wrongful death case.  “Big Gun” asks why Bob settled this case for only $250,000.  He ask Bob if he was aware of the fact that the defendant driver had sold his software company for $5M dollars shortly after the accident?   He also asked Bob why he hadn’t included the County as a defendant for allowing such a dangerous unlighted intersection to exist.  An intersection that hosted 5 other serious accidents within the 2 year period of time prior to the fatal collision.

And if that wasn’t enough, “Big Gun” continued to share his concerns with Bob about why a claim wasn’t also brought against the defendant driver’s company for the excessive amount of alcohol that was served at the company holiday party the defendant was at about an hour before the accident.  “Big Gun” tells Bob this would have been a multimillion dollar case if it was handled correctly and the release not signed.

Bob’s stomach is tied in knots. Even though Bob gave “Big Gun” the name and policy information of his malpractice carrier, he knew that as an estate planning attorney, he probably wasn’t covered for this type of claim.  Bob then closes his eyes and moans out loud as he hears the phone line go dead.

In retrospect, Bob wishes he never took the case.  He thinks to himself clearly and slowly, “I should have stuck with what I do best.”



Referral Attorney Testimonials…“The first case I referred to the firm could be considered “small” but Jackson & Wilson gave it top priority. It was settled quickly as the client wished. More importantly, Mitch Jackson gave the client great peace of mind. The client was a foreign national on temporary work assignment and was very nervous about our system. Mitch immediately put him at ease!”

— OC business lawyer


“I referred a complicated medical malpractice case to Jackson & Wilson in my first year of law practice.The firm kept me up-to-date on its status and very promptly paid the referral fee upon settlement of the case.The situation was a win-win-win for everyone!I trust Jackson & Wilson with any and all of my future referrals.”

— Brian Pedigo, Esq.


“Mitch is one of the few lawyers in Southern California who I routinely refer files to.He is a great trial lawyer who knows how to resolve a case, either through settlement or trial.I highly recommend Mitch to anyone who needs an attorney in the Southern California region.”

— Jonathan Stein, Esq.


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Referrals to attorneys and attorney referral feesHere’s a Better Approach…

The family calls you about their wrongful death case. After talking with the potential clients and extending your condolences, you advise them that you are a specialist in estate planning and it would be in their best interest to have an experienced wrongful death lawyer assist them with the case.

You share the name and number of our firm and ask the clients to give them a call to get their questions answered. You take a moment and let your clients know that our firm is experienced in these matters. You let them know that Mitch and Lisa each have more than a quarter of a century of experience helping victims of personal injury and wrongful death and that they have helped thousands of satisfied [testimonials] clients with their personal injury and wrongful death cases [results].

After ending the call, you have your secretary or assistant contact us and share the name and number of the potential clients. At this point, your office has spent less than 2 minutes on the phone with our staff and the potential clients have been professionally “handed off” to our firm.  Your physical involvement with the referral is done and you can get back to your files or family.

What happens next…

An experienced partner from our firm personally calls the potential clients.  An almost instant rapport is made over the phone and your referrals questions are answered. We explain to your referral how there are more than 100 different things we review with every new case. If we feel we can help and bring value to the case, a follow-up complementary office meeting is scheduled.  Eventually, your referrals formally retain our firm and execute a written retainer agreement and related documents which document the referral and fully comply with State Bar Rules regarding attorney to attorney referrals.

In fact, during the initial interview and while going through the retainer agreement, full disclosure of the referral relationship is discussed in detail. The clients are educated that your referral and that your trust in our firm means the world to us.  We explain why the State Bar encourages and approves of attorney to attorney referral fees and why we look forward to making a prompt payment to you at the conclusion of the case.  We confirm with the clients that the paid referral will come from our attorney contingency fees and will not reduce, in any way, the amount of compensation the clients may eventually receive if the case is resolved in a successful fashion.

The clients understand the entire transparent process and are grateful to have been referred to our firm. They appreciate the fact that we will take very good care of them and make sure their legal rights are protected to the best of our ability.

After being retained, a confirming letter is sent to you acknowledging your referral and future promised payment of the referral fee upon our successful completion of the matter.

Each month thereafter and at your direction, an email, fax, letter or phone call is made to your office advising you of the status of the case.  Again, the retainer agreement provides us with specific authority to keep you updated with the status of the case.

Once the case is resolved, a generous referral fee is promptly paid to you with a detailed letter confirming all final disbursements and copies of all applicable documents. Because we respect your prior professional relationship with the referrals, in this final letter we also advise the clients to contact YOU (the original referring attorney) for all future legal questions or needs. We even include your name and contact information in the letter. 

Payment of attorney referral feesBut that’s not all.  It gets even better!

Even though we instruct referrals, in writing, to contact you for all future legal needs, every now and then your referral will contact us years later with a new personal injury or wrongful death case.  This doesn’t happen too often but when it does, this is how we prefer to handle the new case.

When a past referral contacts us with a new personal injury or wrongful death case, we will treat this new case just as if it was another referral from you! Regardless of whether or not you even knew about the subsequent new case, we’ll take the initiative and contact you that we’ve been retained. And once again at the conclusion of the claim or case, we’ll pay you another referral fee just as though this was the first time you referred the client to our firm.  Truly a win-win long-term relationship for all of us!



Our secret to success is simple.  We work hard and have a passion for helping people.  We truly enjoy representing injured consumers and helping people and their families put their lives back together.  There’s nothing we take more pleasure in than holding a defendant and his insurance company accountable for our client’s injuries and damages.

Relative to the attorney to attorney referral, we keep you updated and pay your referral fee promptly at the conclusion of the claim.


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Tip-  When you are contacted by a potential referral, make sure to ask the referral if it would be OK if we gave them a call.  Let them know that we’re in high demand and in court almost every day.  Tell them that we return calls between hearings, during lunch, or when we get back to the office.  We’ve found that getting your referral’s permission to have us call is a great way to avoid unnecessary phone tag.